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Louis DeFilippi, LLC
Independent consulting
Expert biochemist
Expert witness

Clean water and air; Environmental consulting, Biological treatment of industrial air, wastewater and hazardous waste.  


We work with you to reduce pollutants in your industrial effluent, process waste water, groundwater or contaminated solids; reduce air emissions: treat contaminated air.  


Experienced expert witness for attorneys in all matters environmental and regulatory, successful for both plaintiff and defendant; experienced expert witness in patent infringement cases.



We have a tremendous amount of practical experience in the areas of biological treatment and bioremediation of all varieties of industrial effluent (wastewater and air emissions), groundwater, soils and sediments.  We can pre-treat or remediate your wastes as well as keep you in compliance with the applicable regulations (to see our regulatory page click here).   


And, we have applied this knowledge in legal matters, serving attorneys throughout the United States in the area of patent infringement and civil litigation.   


We have air and wastewater treatment experience throughout the USA, and International experience in China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), Singapore, Canada, etc.; our most recent overseas consulting was in China for Honeywell International, Inc. in Hangzhou ( 杭州   ), Shanghai ( 上海   ), Beijing ( 北京   ), Tianjin ( 天津   ) and a number of other cities.  Dr. DeFilippi helped to set up the Honeywell wastewater treatment business in the Far East (mostly technical aspects) as well as aided in the start-up of the Honeywell ICB (Immobilized Cell Bioreactor) for wastewater treatment, and the BAT (Biological Air Treater) for the biological treatment of air emissions.   


We have had considerable success with treating difficult and hazardous wastes that have to be reduced to very low levels prior to discharge.  We also have extensive experience in blackwater and graywater applications.   


A fixed-film, packed-bed reactor is the most efficient and trouble-free system for the treatment of hazardous waste and is our specialty.   


A sampling of the wastewater and/or groundwater projects, and pollutants we have successfully treated, and can help industrial customers with, are: